First, you need to make sure that posts, photo, video, etc. need to get like, get emotion or comment must be in Public mode. For avatars or cover images, you need to set the Public profile information of Facebook settings in Public mode to allow everyone can like or comment on any contents posted on wall.

Follow below steps to get Facebook link:

Step 1: Open the Facebook application installed on your Android phone

Step 2: Scroll to contents need to get link and tap on the menu icon in right angle

Step 3: In the menu be opened, select Copy link

Step 4: Return to the Facebook Likebot application and paste copied link into the order screen.

Also, the other way is simple and easier, you can skip the step of getting link. Select the Facebook tab, connect to Facebook on the application and select one of the buttons Get like, Get emotion, Get comment to make an order.

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