1. Request status is Hibernate

The request status switch to hibernation indicates that it has received enough the amount of like/follow limits every 24h by the system. You do not need to do anything extra for this kind of status, it will resume automatically on the next session. Do not be surprised that you see the request status over the new day still hibernate, because at the time you watch, the request has not expired hibernation or already received enough amount of likes/follows of the limitation, so it continue to hibernate again. This process will repeat in cycles each day until complete.

Notice (*): The accounts that have bought gold are raised x2 limit, meaning that it can double more than the account does not buy gold.

Restricting the amount of likes/follows received every 24h for each request is necessary to ensure that fanpage, article, profile, etc. works naturally. Avoid issues related to the unusual increasing likes / follows under Facebook's criticism mechanism. If you feel inconvenient by this, please let us know.

2. Request status is Suspended

Some likes/follows requests are suspended as long as they have not received enough the required number of requests. This may be due to the following circumstances:

  • Facebook account settings is incorrect
  • Posts, photos, videos, etc. are not in public mode
  • The link and ID/username entered are incorrect
  • The new fanpage created is not public
  • During the process of getting likes/follows have too many unexpected errors occurred.

How to fix the suspended requests

To fix this problem, at first make sure all settings is corrected by tutorials, then open the Diary and select the Suspended requests, right click and then select Resume selected requests

If the request goes to status Completed but the actual number of likes/follows is not your expect, please ask for support during business hours to get help from the technical department.

Support (08h to 18h GTM+7)