The Facebook Likebot software invented by supplier with the same name and distributed at official website When you install the software or access to our website means you agreed with terms of use here.

1. Conditions of Use

By using Facebook Likebot software or access to the website, user need to 18 years-old minimum or access under the supervision of parents or legal guardian.

We license to you can download and using Facebook Likebot softwareinclude: increase like, increase emotion and increase comment on Facebook follow by framework “Authorizing use Facebook account” and “Conditions of Use”.

2. Objectives of community

We build this system for community and most of the services on the system almost for free, the cost incurred by members with great demand when used is considered as in order for us to maintain system performance and improve our quality of service, we do not see this income as a source of revenue. We have no intention of doing business - e-commerce on this site and the future is still so.

3. Authorizing use Facebook account

By registering or connecting your account on FBLikebot system with Facebook to earn coin for free, you agree to authorize this software have the rights replace you to like, express emotion or comment on any article, photo, video, etc. posted on, simultaneously software this also have right replace you to follow other Facebook's users automatically without any warning. Except for the rights listed above, the software have no access to any other rights for your Facebook account.

If you do not agree for the Facebook Likebot software have these rights, please turn off the option Earn coins for free on Settings screen of this software.

4. Control what you like, comment or follow

We will try to control your content liked, commented or followed to make sure almost is clean and relevant. In some cases, if you discover any inappropriate activity or abnormal content that you think is inappropriate, take unlike, remove comment or unfollow and notify us as soon as possible via the support channels on this website.

So, stay tuned to the activity log on your personal Facebook to keep track of what you liked, commented or followed is clean and relevant.

5. Responsible for content and spam

Members are fully responsible for the content of their posts, their personal profiles on Facebook in public and the law, even when you use the service of increasing likes, increasing comments and increasing follows on such content. We strictly forbid the use our services to deliberately spam, attracting the attention of the public on objectionable content, inciting violence, offending the dignity of honor of individuals, organizations, the article or website is a reactionary, slanderous, distorting, politically inconsistent, racially motivated, pornographic propaganda, prohibited national trading, and other content that is against the community guidelines, social networks, law breaking, etc. Upon detection of the above violations, we reserve the right to terminate your account permanently.

6. Brand and copyright

All intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered), the contents of information and all the design text, graphics software, images, video, music, sounds, compiled software, source and software basically is our asset.

Prohibit use any part of the website or software provided by website with purpose trade or in the name of any partners third if not we authorized by text. If violating any of those here, we destroy  your license without a warning.

7. Storage and Safety data

Creating new, change or remove data of Facebook Likebot software and the related third-party software on your device is important. We will not to affect the operating system and other data unnamed law in “Archive and read data - Privacy policy (”.

8. Install and use third-party software

By installing, the Facebook Likebot software maybe install third-party software – Java provided by Oracle Inc. 

So, by through license and install our software means that you have read understand and accept the license of third-party software. Please reference license to use software Java at 

The Facebook Likebot software also can use the web browsers installed on your device as: Google Chrome, Moliza Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.

9. Buy gold and confirm

After you purchase gold for Facebook Likebot software on website, we will receive your purchase gold requested and send to you an invoice via email. However, the purchase gold request needs to pass step confirming information and confirming payment at first, we just confirm and increase gold for your account if the requested satisfied criteria perform of purchase gold on website

10. Payment method

The Facebook Likebot software and website provide forms of payment: transfer money (only for customer from Vietnam) or payment through PayPal ( Except for some cases not own, normally you can select one in two forms of payment on for conducting purchase gold.

11. Refund and entering transaction

We will refund the money for you in insider trading cases failed or when the Facebook Likebot software is not working but cannot be overcome through maintenance and support from our specialists. When you buy gold, perform sequence in these steps:

Step 1: Press “Buy gold” button or access to

Step 2: Type the buyer account information (if required)

Step 3: Choice gold package need to purchase and confirm to pay on PayPal.

After transaction complete and you received gold, if have any problems with the number of gold was purchase, immediately notify within 48h to get supporting. We will not refund the money for any order encounter problem with the number of gold bought announced later 48h since completed trading.

12. Adjust service prices

We have the right to adjust service prices based on the general market price, so the gold or coin fee using for functions on Facebook Likebot software may change up or down. When adjusting service prices, we will have an early notification on the website and also update the specific display prices on the software.

However, we have a duty to try to limit the adjustment of service prices, only make adjustments in case of force majeure in order to maintain a stable operation system or related issues of anti-dumping.

When using or purchase gold, mean that you already understand and accept this clause, all claims relating to the price adjustment will not be resolved.

13. Maintenance or change functions

In some cases of force majeure, we have the right to pause to maintain, add or remove some functions provided on Facebook Likebot software. The removal of the function will be communicated specifically on before proceeding, and there will also be a support or refund policy within time-limited inside our discretion for the paying customers if there is a valid claim.

14. Free coin limits

The accounts on system not connect with Facebook after 07 days will be reset the free coins to zero. Therefore, you need often connect with Facebook to avoid losing coin. An account hold maximum of 300 coins. We also have the right to change these limitations without prior notice.

15. Terms of use change rules

We have power to change, edit, more or expunged from any part in Terms of Use at any time. The changes take effect once published on the website without notice before. And when you continue to use website or Facebook Likebot software, after the changes of Terms of Use is posted, means you accept with those changes.

Please check back regularly for updates.

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