1. Guide to boost likes for post, photo, video, album, note

Keep in mind that your article, photo, video are published in the installation sharing mode Public is not possible even after being transferred to this mode. So, if you failed in increase likes,  means the setting did not guarantee the conditions proposed, please post a new status in the Public mode and try again.

Note (*): If you do not find the option Public, means your account is not yet 18 years old, be enough birth star settings for 18+

On the software interface, click on Get photo / post likes, the dialog box will open. Please see the instructions in the video below to know how to and boost likes.

2. Guide to boost fanpage likes

On the software interface, click on Get fanpage likes, in the dialog that opens select fanpage from the list and click the button Get likes to send your request. You can also enter the ID or username of fanpage by selecting Enter your links.

Please post often for concurrent use software fanpage Facebook Likebot increase like for this article to get much more interactive. The combination between the traditional way of making and  Likebot Facebook Software  brings high efficiency in attracting to the fan with your page.

Note (*): The system will automatically coordinate energy like in the limit every day, this is necessary to ensure a safe should you do not hasten it.

3. Guide to boost followers

On the software interface, click Increase followers, the basic dialog box is opened. Please refer to the instructions in the video below to know how to install and get more followers for personal Facebook profile.

4. How to Install?

The software is packaged into installation file format exe, English and Vietnamese language supported. To download the installation package, you can access to here. In the Facebook Likebot software download page, you must select the operating system and the language before downloading. The operating system include:

a) For Windows 32 bit (Vista, 7, 8, 10)

For all the computers running the Windows operating system from Vista back up, can run on both 32 bit and 64 bit. However, if you are using a 64-bit operating system, you should download the 64-bit support would be better.

b) For Window 64 bit (Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Similar to 32-bit version but only allowing installation and run on Windows 64-bit operating system.

Note (*): For the Windows operating system from version 8 and above, the installation will appear Smart Screen Filter, this is a new feature of Windows used to warn strange applications. However it caused annoyance for users.

If press Ok or Don't run the program will terminate operations. So you click on the More info > Run anyway to continue the installation.

Once past this step, please refer to the video below to know how to install the Facebook Likebot software on computer.

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